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Responsible Procurement Strategy

Our vision is to become the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services.

Our values are the set of guiding principles which collectively define who we are, what we do and how we do it. They make us different from the rest, and allow us to make decisions and take actions which drive us towards our vision. Our values can be seen throughout the business, but they are at their most powerful when they are demonstrated through everything we do at every level to achieve our targets.

Quite simply, our values are the way we do things at NWG, and in our activities as NWG, as we strive to become the national leader. One team. Our vision. Our values. Our way.

Responsible procurement plays a vital role in ensuring we can achieve its vision. We are committed to ethically procuring goods, works and services in a way that generates maximum value, not only to our organisation but also to society and the economy, while enhancing the environment. This document sets out our commitment to responsible procurement which is reflected in how we select and work with our supply chain.

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The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

The ETI is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers′ rights around the globe. Their aim is to improve the lives of workers around the world by eradicating exploitation and discrimination, so they can enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equity.

NWG expect that suppliers are familiar with the ETI Base Code and where applicable work in accordance with its principles. For more information please see

The CIPS Sustainability Index (CSI)

To set targets and measure supplier performance we will engage with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) to use the CIPS Sustainability Index (CSI). The CSI is an independent assessment of suppliers economic, environmental and social sustainability credentials. The system allows suppliers to prove their sustainability credentials and will help us obtain essential sustainability information in an efficient manner.

If you are tendering for work with Northumbrian Water you maybe asked to sign up to the CSI platform. This will determined based on the value and associated risk of the product or services being provided. For more information please see

Supply Chain Sustainability School

The school is a free at the point of use, providing self-assessments, tailored action plans, training and seminars focused on improving sustainability. NWG encourage all of our suppliers to take advantage of the free resources such as seminars and training materials. For more information please see

Flexible Framework

NWG have used the Flexible Framework as a tool to assess the quality of our procurement activity and provides a route map to better performance. The Framework is a widely used self assessment mechanism developed by the business-led Sustainable Procurement Task Force, which allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time. The framework was designed so that it could be used by all organisations from those with significant levels of procurement expertise and resource to those with very limited resource at their disposal.

For more information please see

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    NWG Responsible Procurement Strategy 2016-2020

    Living water, loving customers, safeguarding the future.


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