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Water mains and services

Water mains and services

Essex & Suffolk Water recognises that builders and developers are an integral part of the regeneration process in the region in the provision of quality housing and a variety of commercial developments. We also understand that builders and developers rely on us for the fast and efficient provision of water and sewerage infrastructure services.

Essex & Suffolk Water makes over 6,000 new water service connections for builders and developers in the region and lays over 24 kilometres of water main every year. On the following pages we set out what services we provide and how builders and developers can obtain these services from Essex & Suffolk Water.

Document PDF
Essex & Suffolk Water′s Developers charges 2014/15
′Building water′ charges and temporary supply charges policy

If you require an application form for a new water connection please click on the links below and print out the relevant form.

Application form PDF
The new connection process: a quick guide.
Preliminary Enquiry Form and the required fee - if you wish to make an enquiry about a proposed development site.
General Terms and Conditions and Guidance - you can also print out our general terms and conditions for the Provision of New Water Mains and Service Connections to Building developments.
Requisition of a Water Main Application Form and the required fee - if you wish to apply for a water main for a development site under Section 41 and 42 of the Water Industry Act.
Water Supply Application Form (domestic) - for a house, flat, conversion or independent supply.
Water Supply Application Form (commercial) - for a shop, office, industrial unit, sheltered housing, watering point, field supply or temporary supply.
Supply Pipe Inspection Form - if your supply pipe has been installed and you require us to inspect your pipework.
Meter Installation Form - if multiple connections have been laid on your site and you now require meters to be fitted.
Mains diversion application form - to apply for a diversion of an Essex & Suffolk Water asset.
Self lay requisition guidance notes
Requisition for final inspection for self lay main
Requisition of self lay water main and or services application
Main laying request
Addendum to the code of practice for England and Wales for the self-laying of water mains and services 2nd edition and national addendum for safe control of routine mains connections
Contaminated Land Guidance Notes
Water reuse systems - Guidance and advice
Sewerage provider information
Approved installer certificate
Change of responsibility form

Call: 0345 609 4638

For further information and assistance.

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