Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The Team

NWL spend approximately £400 million a year on capital construction, goods and services across the business.

Procurement and Supply Chain is primarily responsible for supporting business users in the purchase of these goods and services. We are committed to ensuring that goods and services provided to NWL are of consistently high quality and at the most competitive rates.

We have a category management approach within the team, to help minimise risk, deliver savings and drive innovation throughout the supply chain.

We are committed to working in an open, fair and transparent manner to ensure non discriminatory treatment of suppliers.

To speak with someone on the team refer to our contact list.

Supplier Management

NWL will work closely with suppliers to monitor performance during the contract period. Review meetings will be carried out at either a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. Where appropriate, Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements will be incorporated into the contract.

NWL are committed to working with suppliers who act ethically, lawfully, with integrity, with honesty and fairness and in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010.

How We Pay Suppliers

NWL have two methods of payment for goods and service. For smaller value purchases we will make use of purchasing cards where possible and for any other purchases a purchase order will be raised and emailed/faxed to the supplier. Purchase orders should be obtained in advance of the goods or services being delivered.

NWL standard payment terms are 45 days from receipt of invoice.

NWL are committed to paying suppliers within the agreed payment terms.

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