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Adoption Codes

Adoption Codes

News on Codes for Adoption Agreements

One of the key themes of the Code of Practice for Adoption Agreements published by Ofwat is to ensure that developer services customers can readily understand and access the choices available to them in the new connections market. The code also requires us to publish our current procedures for making, varying or terminating adoption agreements on company websites.

Full details of the Code for Adoption Agreements can be found here.

Delivery Options

There are three delivery options available to customers for the new connections infrastructure they require to provide water and sewerage services.

For new water mains and services they can either

1. Choose to appoint an accredited Self-Lay Provider to provide the mains for future adoption by us.

During 2017 we have been working with Water UK and a number of Self Lay Providers to develop and implement the Code of Practice for Self Laying of Water Mains and Services – England and Wales. As part of that piece of work we are required to publish a local requirements document which highlights any company specific information which will give absolute clarity to Self Lay designers and construction companies to ensure there no ambiguity or uncertainty over our requirements. Our Local Requirements document is now available here and replaces any former company specific addenda to the previous codes of practice. Our self lay processes, application forms, guidance notes and local requirements document can all be found here.

2. Requisition mains and services from us and all of our processes, application forms and guidance notes can be found here.

3. Use a new appointee and details of this can be found here.

Levels of Service

Since July 2015 Water and Sewerage Companies have reported against a nationally agreed set of developer services metrics which have been more recently extended to include self-lay. The results are published quarterly by Water UK and the latest reports can be accessed here.

The Code of Practice for Adoption Agreements also requires us to provide customers with appropriate redress for failure to meet these current minimum levels of service from 2 April 2018. We currently offer no formal redress but are considering what may be appropriate and will publish this information by 15 March 2018.

Contact Details

We recognise that you may need to contact us at any time during the process and the contact details below should allow you to contact us by telephone or by e mail. Once we have begun to process any applications you will be provided with a named contact along with their telephone and email details.

Northumbrian Water Limited
Leat House
Pattinson Road
Tyne & Wear
NE38 8LB
Essex & Suffolk Water
PO Box 969
Telephone: 03457 171100 Telephone: 0345 6094638
Fax: 0191 4196510 Fax: 01268 664802
Email: newdevelopmentwater@nwl.co.uk Email: developerservicessouth@eswater.co.uk

There may be occasions where you are unable to contact the named member of our team and when this happens you should be able to speak another member of the team using the general office contacts above.

In the unlikely event that you are unable to contact a member of our team you should call the following in the suggested order


(1) Sue Hill

0191 4196580


(2) Les Hall

0191 4196570



(1) Julie Maxwell

01268 664460


(2) Les Hall

0191 4196570


For information relating to our Complaints Procedures please see the ′Contact us′ page for further information.

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    Self Lay Local Requirements

    January 2018.


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