Water connections

Application forms and guidance

Application forms and guidance

If you require a new water supply connection from our existing water mains, please complete either the domestic or non-household application form.

If you require new water mains to be constructed to serve your development, please follow the link to our section on Water Mains.

Please use the downloadable forms below. Included with the application form are the guidance notes to help you complete the relevant details.

Your completed application form should be returned with a site location and site layout plan to the address printed on the form. Alternatively you can fax your information to us on 01268 664 802 or email a scanned version of your application to developerservicessouth@eswater.co.uk

Downloadable content

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    Domestic application form and guidance notes

    For a house, flat, conversion or independent supply.


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    Non-household application form and guidance notes

    For a shop, office, industrial unit, sheltered housing, watering point, field supply or temporary supply.


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    A quick guide to the new connection process

    This will help guide you through the steps in the process.


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    Water reuse systems

    Guidance and advice.


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    Approved installer



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    Meter Installation Form

    If multiple connections have been laid on your site and you now require meters to be fitted.


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    Supply Pipe Inspection Form

    If your supply pipe has been installed and you require us to inspect your pipework.


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    Water for fire fighting systems

    This note provides information to developers of buildings where there is a requirement to design systems that use water to suppress or extinguish fire.


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    Infrastructure charges

    Guidance notes.


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