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Point of Connection

Point of Connection

For a full capacity study for proposed developments, our Point of Connection service will provide information regarding the impact the proposed development will have on our existing water network and its ancillary assets, identify or confirm feasibility of proposed point of connection and highlight if network reinforcement will be required to serve the development.

Where a development is at an early stage we also offer a Pre Planning Enquiry service which provides initial information regarding the availability of water in the area and network capacity to serve a development.

Before submitting your request please read the Pre Planning enquiry and the Point of Connection Guidance notes which explains the procedures in more detail and will help you decide which is the most appropriate service for you. Supporting layout and location plans should also be attached to your Application form.

Once you have completed your application please return it with your payment, any accompanying plans or schedules to our Development Control email address: developerservicessouth@eswater.co.uk

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