Welcome to your new home!

You'll find lots of popular tips and advice here, to help make your move as simple as possible.

1. Check your internal stop tap works

This is so important. If you ever have a leak, you need to be able to turn off your water supply with the internal stop tap.


Most stop taps are under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.


In properties older than 1970, you may notice the stop tap is on a dull grey metal pipe. This is probably lead and we recommend you consider replacing this pipe work. When using water from lead pipes for drinking or cooking, run the cold tap for a few seconds to clear any old water away.


Check your stop tap works by turning your cold tap on, and turning your stop tap to the off position. Your cold tap should stop running.


If this doesn't happen, it is important to get the stop tap fixed. 

Contact a reliable plumber.

2. Read about tastes and smells in the water in your new home

We get lots of questions about the taste and smell of water from new movers. Often, it's because the water supplied to your old home is from a different source to the water in your new home.


This can mean you notice a difference in taste or smell, but it is nothing to worry about.


Our water is treated to the highest standard, so we can supply you with clean, clear and great tasting water.


If your new property was empty for a while, there may be “old water” standing in the pipes.  Simply run the cold taps to get rid of the old water.


Click here for even more information about tastes and smells in your tap water.

3. Tell us you've moved, if you haven't already

Telling us you've moved is easy online. Fill in our form, it takes less than five minutes.

4. Give us a meter reading

If your home has a water meter, don't forget to give us a reading.


You can give us a reading with:


If you can't read your meter, due to mobility issues, ill health or the meter is difficult to access, we can also arrange to read your meter for you. To ask us about our meter reading service, please call 0345 782 0111.

5. Do you need a little extra help?

Every customer matters, and we want to provide the best service we can.


Our Priority Services are free to use, and include:

  • bills in Braille, large format or audio CD
  • British sign language interpretation
  • password schemes, to protect you from bogus callers
  • nominated contacts, so your trusted friend, family member or caregiver can manage your account for you, and
  • language translation services, if English isn't your first language.
6. Make sure we can keep you informed

We work every day of the year to keep our water and sewerage pipes flowing.


Occasionally things can go wrong, and we want to keep you informed and updated during planned work or an emergency.


Sign up to our text alert service and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date.

7. Pop the kettle on

Yes, you've still got things to do, but everyone needs a break! Why not pop the kettle on?

Best of luck in your new home!

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