Safe working on development sites
We are aware that some of our Developer Services customers have their development sites operating and an increasing number are looking to return to work and re-open sites. 

We have resumed our construction and inspection services to support new development activity where it is safe for us to do so. 


We need to ensure we continue to follow government advice as well as continue to work towards our aspiration of Everyone Home Safe very Day.


We are currently receiving requests from Developer Services customers asking us to provide responses about our proposed safe working practices for carrying out our activities on development sites under the current situation.  We have taken a pragmatic approach and published our relevant COVID-19 health and safety information on this page, rather than respond to individual requests. Where developers have supplied us with guidance documents regarding safe working practices on their development sites, we have made these available to our employees and contractors to enable them to familiarise themselves with the requirements prior to attending site.  Also, where developers have requested we supply them with relevant additional information we will respond as requested.     


Our employees are classed as “essential workers” by the government and we have been working throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.  We have adapted our safe working procedures to ensure our employees and customers remain safe while we carry out our activities.  We have created COVID-specific “Toolbox Talks” for our employees and introduced new requirements to the risk assessments we use.  Whilst our Toolbox Talks and risk assessments and are not specific to working on development sites, they are relevant to the activities we carry out for Developer Services customers. 


Below you will find downloadable versions of the relevant Tool Box Talks, Government Guidance and a statement from Water UK on behalf of the Water Industry. You can also view screen shots from our “60 Second Check” risk assessment app.