Planning for the future

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Planning for the future

Our Purpose

Our vision is to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services and we are constantly looking for more efficient, innovative ways to improve our services to make life even better. Value for money is key, and we aim to impress our customers with excellent service, at a fair price. We make sure that our customers are well informed about our services and our aim is to be the trusted provider of choice.

Our plans for 2015-20

At Northumbrian Water we are passionate about water. It cleanses and refreshes us, it is the source of life itself, and it brings enjoyment in so many ways. Water is wonderful.

Water and sewerage provision is a long term business, and we need to plan carefully so that we can continue to provide the right services to our customers at the right price. We’re are refreshing our plans and we’ve identified the services we need to deliver, based on our customers’ priorities, the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to improve service and efficiency.

Our business plan, published in December 2013 describes our strategy for 2015-20.
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Future Horizons

Future Horizons sets out our goals and aspirations for the next twenty-five years, building on our vision to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services.
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Water 2020: The Duration of Price Controls

This paper has been produced by Northumbrian Water in support of the Water 2020 consultation process. It is one of a suite of papers to be produced by companies in the water industry during 2015 and is intended to stimulate debate rather than advocate a specific viewpoint.

The paper sets out considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding whether to change the length of price controls or stagger control periods. We also consider the opportunities for disaggregation and redesign of price control periods with their implications.
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Water 2020: Outcomes and Delivery Incentives

The concept of Outcomes, Performance Commitments (PCs) and Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) was introduced at PR14 for the first time in a water industry price review. This marked a significant change in approach from previous regimes and has raised a number of important question addressed in this paper for the Water 2020 Marketplace for Ideas.
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The Northumbrian Water response to the Ofwat consultation Water 2020:

Regulatory framework for wholesale markets and the 2019 price review was submitted in February 2016.

Ofwat will set out their finalised proposals in a decision document, which they intend to publish in May 2016.
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Competition in the energy retail market – Feb 2016

This report by Economic Insight was commissioned by Northumbrian Water as a contribution to the Ofwat call for evidence on Review of Retail Household Markets in the Water and Wastewater sector.
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Retail household markets in the water sector: Feb 2016

Northumbrian Water has submitted its response to the call for evidence for Ofwat’s review of the retail household market.
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The Northumbrian Water response to the May 2016 Water 2020 consultation

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Northumbrian Water response to the Ofwat emerging findings on introducing competition to residential customers in England (August 2016)

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The Northumbrian Water response to the Ofwat consultation on the cost of debt

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A report by Economic Insight commissioned by Northumbrian Water and United Utilities to look at the options for household retail cost assessment for PR19

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Abstraction Charges: The case for exclusion from the cost assessment models

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Outcomes Framework for PR19

Our consultation response.
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2019 Price Review Draft Methodology

Our consultation response - 30-August-2017
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A review of Ofwat′s proposed approach to total market returns

August 2017
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Freeze thaw review response to Ofwat

Northumbrian Water - company letter from Ofwat 19-June-2018

Winter weather 2018 review and learning - September 2018

Early submission data tables and models (PR19)

As part of our Business Plan for 2020-25, we have published the tables and models we submitted to Ofwat relating to our 2015-20 performance.

NES July 2018 Submission Tables

NES RCV adjustments feeder model

NES residential retail PR14 reconciliation

NES Revenue adjustments feeder model

NES Totex menu PR14 reconciliation

NES Water trading incentive model

NES WRFIM PR14 reconciliation

NES July 2018 table commentaries

Living Water - Our plan 2020-25 and beyond


We′ve created a website where you can find key details about our plan and what it means for you. Find out more

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