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Roxwell Brook, Essex

Thomas Harris is new to the team and is now our catchment advisor operating in the Roxwell Brook catchment. Thomas will deliver Pesti-wise, via a programme of intensive farmer engagement and on-farm interventions.

Roxwell Brook Catchment Adviser:
Thomas Harris
T: 07792169545 E:

Thomas would carry out a farm visit to review existing practices. These visits aim to promote best practice and identify suitable improvements and recommendations you can undertake on your holding. Many of these recommendations may be eligible for our Pesti-wise infrastructure and equipment grants if you farm within the Roxwell Brook target area:

Within the Roxwell Brook catchment, Thomas will discuss best practice with users of metaldehyde and other pesticides, with an objective to reduce peak pesticide concentrations at the sub-catchment level and to raise awareness of the issues that these actives present to Essex & Suffolk Water.

In support of this work, we are monitoring pesticide concentrations in the Roxwell Brook and a control catchment to evaluate the success of the Pesti-wise project.

At the level of the Chelmer and Blackwater catchment, we will continue to undertake “abstraction management” each autumn to actively try to take water from the rivers when metaldehyde concentrations are lowest, to continue to ensure we provide our customers with clean, clear water that tastes good.

Pesti-wise Infrastructure and Equipment Grant Specification

As part of the Pesti-wise initiative, we are offering a range of grant funded items to reduce pesticide losses from field and yard activities. Contact Teresa to find out more.

Sprayer Filling Area Options
Bunded Sprayer Filling Area £60/m2
Roofing of Sprayer Filling and Washdown Areas £93/m2
Lined Biobed with Bunded Filling Areas £177/m2
Biofilters £1485/unit
Precision Equipment Options
Precision Slug Pellet Applicator 75% of cost (excluding VAT) up to maximum of £15,000
Sprayer Auto-Section Shut Off 75% of cost (excluding VAT) up to maximum of £10,000
Straw Rake 75% of cost (excluding VAT) up to maximum of £10,000
SuDs Options
Various options including sediment ponds and traps, earth banks and soil bunds, silt filtration dams or seepage barriers, swales, check dams Grant funding dependent on project

Please note: The grant will normally be calculated excluding VAT.

Pesti-wise Pro-active:

This section provides you with the latest information on the Pesti-wise work within the Roxwell Brook and an update on the pesticide results for this sub-catchment.


combine harvester in field  

Working with farmers and growers within specific target sub-catchments to address the issue of elevated pesticide levels in streams and rivers, from which water is taken to produce drinking water. Find out more

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