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Work with water

How do we make sure that the water gets safely to and from your house? We do this through a dedicated workforce and as a company we have over 3000 employees doing a range of jobs some of which you would expect and others which may surprise you.


the water industry shaping the future

We have to collect water from rivers, reservoirs and boreholes, get it to our sites to be treated and then make sure it is clean, clear and tastes good by the time we’ve distributed it to you, our customers. Anything you flush down the loo or a plug hole has to be transported through miles of pipes - our sewerage network - to be turned into sludge and power with the clean water put back into the environment. To achieve the complex business of supporting our customers and these activities we have a wide range of interesting and worthwhile careers. Our workforce has a high level of technical knowledge and is focused on delivering an excellent customer experience 365 days each year.

We have field based, treatment works, laboratory and office based jobs; roles for those who enjoy physical work, those who are good with numbers and technology, those who have great interpersonal skills. We employ engineers; scientists; project managers; lawyers; accountants; customer service specialists; account managers; administrators; marketing professionals; public relations and communications experts; IT professionals; procurement specialists; ecology, estates, conservation and land experts; HR professionals and many more.

We recruit people who share our values, customer focused team players who take ownership and responsibility, have a can do attitude and who have the knowledge or skills that we need.

We encourage people to develop their career with us.

In addition to the people employed by us, the water company, there are many people employed by our partners, contractors and suppliers.

Scientific Services


Northumbrian Water Scientific Services (NWSS) was established in 1991, under our former name, AES. Since that time we have built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading providers of analytical services. Find out more

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