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Carbon calculator

Water is vital and yet most of us in this country take it for granted. Did you know that every drop of water you waste also wastes the energy used to treat and deliver it and treat it again when you dispose of it.

The water carbon calculator measures the CO2 produced from the water supplied to your home and treated after you have used it.

It does not include any energy used to heat water or the energy used by water using appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines. This will further add to your carbon footprint.

Find out the size of your water carbon footprint by completing the questions below.

  1. 1. Kitchen
  2. 2. Bathroom
  3. 3. Household
  4. 4. Outdoor
  5. 5. Results

Step 1 - Kitchen

1. Food Preparation

Each time you wash or rinse your food how often do you do each of the followingEach week


2. Washing Up

Each time you wash up by hand how often do you do each of the following Each week


3. Using a dishwasher

Each week

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