DIY home survey

Find out where and how much water you use in and around your home

DIY home survey

Reducing the amount of water you waste can provide a saving on your water bill (for metered customers) and energy bills can also be reduced by reducing hot water usage.

The survey is simple and takes less than 20 minutes to complete and we will give you helpful hints and tips showing you how and where you can save water and money. Customers of Essex & Suffolk Water will be offered the opportunity to request some free water saving devices and a free gift for taking part in our DIY home survey.

Complete your own home survey

Step 1

Before you start spend a few minutes watching the video, showing a family carrying out their DIY home survey. It demonstrates how to take the various measurements required for the survey.

Step 2

Print out the DIY home survey form below and carry out survey. You will need the following items in order to complete the survey:

A stopwatch (or a watch with a second hand)
A pen/pencil
A bucket
A measuring jug
Your printed form to take down measurements (as per the link below) 

Step 3

When you have completed your DIY home survey please return to this page to input your results. This will bring you to our online input form where you can input the information you have collected while doing your survey.

As you input your information we will give you some helpful hints and tips as to how you can save water, and save money.

DIY home survey form

All information provided will remain strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will only be used by Essex & Suffolk Water.

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