Water resources update

Use water wisely

Use water wisely

Water efficiency is about reducing waste and thinking about the water you use.

Water is a precious resource and if we can reduce the amount we waste it will help to protect the environment. Saving water will also bring benefits to customers on a meter, who are paying for what they use.

Essex & Suffolk Water supplies water in the driest part of the country. It is therefore important that we work together to ensure a safe and constant supply of water for years to come. Essex & Suffolk Water actively works with both domestic and commercial customers to help promote the efficient use of water. This leaflet aims to provide you with simple hints and tips that will help you do your bit and save water around the home and garden.

Why should you use water wisely?

Saving water not only helps preserve the precious and limited resource for the future but in turn provides a variety of other benefits. Saving water helps to protect the environment – something that is everyone’s responsibility. Producing and treating water requires a lot of energy and results in carbon emissions, as does heating the water for your shower or bath. Therefore, saving water will reduce your carbon footprint.

Everybody can save money by saving water, not only those that pay for their water by meter. By reducing the amount of hot water you use, less gas, electricity or oil will be needed to heat the water. This will save money and reduce the carbon you use, again helping the environment.

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Order a water butt  

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