Water Resources Management Plan 2019 Consultation

Every 5 years we develop a water resource management plan (WRMP) which sets out how we will provide a reliable and sustainable supply of water to our customers. We ran a public consultation on our new draft plan called Water Resources Management Plan 2019 (WRMP19) in March 2018 which covers the next 40 years from 2020 to 2060.

Our new draft plan forecast how much water we will have available to supply our customers, taking account of future droughts, climate change and the need to protect the environment. We also forecast how much water our customers will need taking account of future population growth. By comparing our supply and demand forecasts, we have confirmed that we will have reliable and sufficient supplies of water to meet customer demand over the planning period. We must still ensure that we use water efficiently. An important part of this is reducing leakage from our water pipes as well as providing our customers with advice on how they can reduce the amount of water that they use. Between 2020 and 2025, we are planning to reduce leakage from our water pipes by 17.5 per cent.

The public consultation on our draft plan ran from Monday 5th March to Sunday 27th May 2018. We have since reviewed all of the consultation responses and have prepared a Statement of Response which can be opened by clicking on the link below (see Downloadable content).

In the statement of response, we reply to each of the consultation responses, confirm whether we have made any changes to the dWRMP19 and explain the reasons for any change. Where no change has been made, we also explain the reasons for this.

If our responses to the consultation comments are accepted by Defra, they will be included in our final WRMP19 which should be published on our website www.eswater.co.uk\wrmp during 2019.

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