We′ve made it as quick and easy as possible for you to pay your bill. In this section you can find out more about your bill and alternative ways to pay.

High bills

Find out what causes high bills, and how to lower them.

Are you using more water than usual?

Using more water than you used to will increase your bill. Things like:

  • watering the garden in hot weather (especially if you′re using a hose or sprinkler)
  • having guests stay over, or your children are home from university
  • having a baby, or someone moving in with you
  • doing some decorating, refurbishing your¬†kitchen or bathroom,¬†or some good old DIY

If you think you′re using more water, read our water saving tips here, to cut your bill back down.

What else can cause a high bill?

If you're sure you're not using more water than before, your bill could be higher because:

  • your last bill used an estimated reading but the estimate was too low, so we′ve added that cost to your new bill
  • there was a long break between your last bill and your new one
  • you have a leak on or in your property

Did you say a leak?

Yes, leaks can happen, and yes, they waste water. But don′t panic.

Leaking toilets are one of the main causes of water waste and high bills. Sometimes, we don′t even know they′re leaking!

We offer free Leaky Loos detection kits. They′re easy to use, and tell you if you have a leak.

What′s more, if you do have a leaky loo, we will come and fix it for you, for free.

Watch our self-leak test video, to find out if you′ve got a leak in your home:

Downloadable content

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    Dealing with leaks

    Our code of practice on dealing with leaks.


Order a free Leaky Loo test kit


You can request a free test kit so you can check your toilet for a leak. Complete our short form to request a free pack and we will post it to you within 4 working days. Find out more

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