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What to expect if you have no water supply due to planned work or emergency repairs

Important information

We understand that any disruption to your water supply is inconvenient and can be worrying.

The following information has been compiled so you know what to do while your water supply is turned off and what you may experience as your water supply is restored.

• Hot water or any appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers should only used once your supply has been returned to normal

• Your heating system will not be affected as a result of our works.

• Once the work is completed, you may find some air in the water that causes your supply to splutter for a short time. Please let the water run slowly for a few minutes to allow it to clear. If you find your pressure or flow is reduced please operate your internal stop valve (turn on and off a few times). This should restore your supply to normal.

• If your water is temporarily cloudy/milky, this is completely harmless and is a result of air in the system caused by our works.

• If your water is discoloured, please don’t be alarmed, just run your cold water kitchen tap for 30-40 minutes to clear. While we appreciate discoloured water is not pleasant, it is not harmful to health.

• Please make sure all taps are turned off so that the water does not run when the supply is turned back on.

• Where we have excavated in the public footpath or road, we will safely cordon off the area with barriers. We will return to site to backfill the excavation. If barriers will prevent access to your property we will protect the unfinished surface with a plastic cover. A second crew will attend to resurface and once the surface is safe to walk or drive over we will remove the barriers and carry out a final clear up. This work will be completed within 5 working days.

Please be aware that bogus callers, people who claim to be employed by Essex & Suffolk Water or the water board, but who are only interested in stealing from your home, are known to operate in our supply area. All our employees carry official identity cards which we strongly advise you to check before letting anyone into your home. If you are in any doubt about the validity of a caller claiming to be from Essex & Suffolk Water do not let them into your property. Call the police immediately to report this, or our customer centre on 0845 782 0999 to confirm they are genuine. Our employees will not object to waiting outside while you carry out these checks. To ensure water quality is maintained to a high standard we are required to take water quality samples from a very small selection of properties. These samples will only be taken by employees from Essex & Suffolk Water who will be wearing an Essex & Suffolk Water uniform. For extra peace of mind customers can register a password with us – if we need access to your home we will know and use this word.

For any further help or advice please call our Customer Services on 0845 782 0999 (local charge).


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