Calling all students! If it′s your first time moving away from home, welcome to the world of bills and payments. We′ve got some helpful tips and advice for you here.

How do I set up an account?

If you′re new to Essex & Suffolk Water, set up your account here. After you′ve set up your account, don′t forget to create an online account!

An online account means you skip the call queues. Give us meter readings, check your bills and payment history, update your bank details, and more, at a time to suit you.

How many names can be added on a bill?

There can be up to two people named on a bill. A third name can be added as an "authorised contact" but this person will not be considered legally responsible for the bill.

If you′re living with housemates, decide who will be named on the bill. They will be paid any refunds for overpayments, but they will also be contacted in cases of debt recovery action, if needed.

Why is my bill for the full year?

All customer accounts are billed for the year. If you move out before the year is over, but you pay for the full year, we will refund you any money owed.

Don′t want to pay the full bill upfront? No problem. Set up a payment plan to suit you with an online account.

How do I tell you I′m moving out of my accommodation?

It's easy. Click here to fill out our home movers form.

Meter readings

Please give us a meter reading in the same week you move out, so we can calculate your final bill. Find out how to read your water meter here.

Don’t have a water meter? No problem. Your bill is calculated using the property details and rateable value, so you don’t need to do anything else.

Refunds and final payments

After we’ve calculated your final bill, we’ll let you know whether you are due a refund or if you need to make a final payment.

Please remember, we send refunds to the person named on the bill.

Forwarding addresses

Don′t forget to give us a forwarding address for your final bill and any refunds due. We can only use one forwarding address for each account.

Paying your bills

Everyone manages their money differently, and paying bills can be tricky at times.

At Essex & Suffolk Water, we give our customers lots of options to pay their bill. You can pay monthly, or in full; by Direct Debit, or with cash.

Don′t forget, we′re here to help if you′re struggling, too.

See our most popular questions around how to pay, help with payments and refunds:

How can I pay my water bill?

There are lots of ways to pay, so choose the option that suits you best!

Need more options? Find out all the different ways you can pay here.

How can I claim a refund?

We pay refunds to the person named on the water bill.

To claim a refund, simply tell us you′re moving out of your accommodation by filling in our home mover form. We′ll then automatically refund any money owed.

I′m strugging to pay, can you help?

Yes, we can. If you′re strugging to pay your bills, please get in touch. Our team will work with you to find the best way to help.

We have schemes to help people on low incomes (£16,105 a year, or £19,201 if you liuve in a London Borough) or if you claim benefits such as universal credit.

Get more information on our financial help here, or call us on 0345 782 0111.

More resources and useful links

Did you know we have an online forum for our customers? Find tips, advice and more at

You might find the websites listed below helpful, too. Please note, these websites belong to a third party.

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