New look bill

Welcome to your new style bill

Your water bill has been given a fresh new look

We’ve been working with our customers, employees and regulators to improve our bills and make them cleaner and simpler to understand. The new bills are now bespoke to our customers depending on whether you have a water meter, how you pay your bill and what additional services you may benefit from.

Your new bill is split into different sections making it easier to find the information you need telling you everything you need to know about your water charges and anything you might need to do.

Take a look at what’s changed to your bill within ′Downloadable content′ below.

Why have the bills changed?

You told us that you found the bills to be a bit confusing, especially around how your bill is calculated and how much you need to pay. Customers who have a water meter also wanted to be to compare their water usage to other families. We’ve listened to this and worked with customers, our employees and our regulators to show this information in a clearer, simpler way.

What are the changes?

• The new bills show how much you need to pay and when clearly on the front.

• If you have a water meter you are now able to compare how much water you have used during this billing period compared to the previous period. You are also able to compare your usage to other similar sized families.

• If you don’t have a water meter we now provide a clearer explanation of how your bill is calculated based on the rateable value of your property.

• Page three shows you where you might benefit from additional services or save money.

• We usually include a leaflet with your bill which explains our charges. This information will now be included on the bill which reduces the amount of paper we use.

Downloadable content

  1. thumb

    Your new and improved water bill

    If you do not have a water meter (unmeasured bill).


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    Your new and improved water bill

    If you have a water meter (measured bill).


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