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Getting water to your home

Getting water to your home

We make sure that you have enough water for daily use such as drinking washing, cooking, central heating and sanitation. We also make provision for garden watering and car washing.

Raw water is treated through a number of different processes to make sure it is safe for consumption. To demonstrate that the water supply coming into your home is safe, we take thousands of samples for testing. These samples are taken both from taps in customers homes and directly from our underground water mains. Over 100,000 scientific tests are taken each year to ensure that drinking water quality standards are met.

Lead pipes

The water we supply to the boundary of properties is virtually lead free. However, if your home has lead service pipes or has internal lead plumbing, the water may contain more lead than the drinking water standards allow. 

In most circumstances, we own the pipes in the road or pavement.You, or your landlord, are responsible for maintaining all the pipes on your property, including the drive and garden, unless they are covered by our free repair policy. Further information can be found in the lead pipes and replacing your supply pipe leaflets below.  

Guidance on who is responsible for the pipework

In most circumstances we own the pipes in the road or pavement. You, or your landlord, are responsible for maintaining all the pipes on your property, including the drive and garden.

Interruptions to supply

During planned maintenance work, we may need to turn off your water supply and will let you know in writing in advance. During emergency work, such as a burst water main, we will not be able to warn you that your water will be off, but we will do our best to let you know what is happening and, if necessary, we will provide an alternative water supply. Further information on interruptions to supply can be found in the leaflet below.

Stop valve operations

We are happy for customers or their representatives to operate and/or clean out our stop tap controlling their supply whenever it is possible and safe to do so. If we are required to repair, operate, locate or clean out our stop tap during normal working hours it will be free of charge. 

Emergency drought restrictions

We will automatically pay you £20 (£50 for business customers) for each day or part day that your water supply is interrupted or cut off because of emergency drought restrictions unless Ofwat (our regulator) believes it could not be avoided.

We will only make one payment for each day your water supply is off. The most we will pay in any one year is the average water bill from the year before for homes, and the actual water bill from the year before for businesses. If your business did not pay water charges during the year before, the most we will pay is £500. Properties that are used for both homes and businesses will be treated as homes for these standards. 

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