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How to guides

We′ve put together a series of ′How to′ guides to help with some common queries such as ′how to locate your meter or stop tap′, ′how to do a self leak test′ and ′how we search and locate leaks′. To view our helpful video guides simply select your chosen subject and press play!

Locating and reading your meter

Here is a short video explaining where your meter is located and how to understand and read the information displayed.

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How to do a self leak test

This short video explains how to locate and test for leaks between your meter and internal stop tap.

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Locating and accessing your stop tap

This is a short video on how to locate and turn off / turn on your external stop tap.

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Leakage detection

A short video showing how we search and locate leaks in your area, and some of the tools we use to do this.

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