Business Plan 2025-30
Welcome to our plan for 2025-30

Every five years, we produce a Business Plan that sets out all the things we want to deliver for our customers, communities and environment, such as reductions in flooding, and improvements in customer service.


Our Business Plan 2025-30 was sent to Ofwat to review on 2 October 2023. The plan includes our proposed levels of investment to maintain and enhance our services. Ofwat regulates this investment and agrees the prices, we can charge our customers.


The plan for 2025-30 is based on feedback that we received from our customers and stakeholders as well as what regulators want us to do and sets out our ambitions to:


• Address the environmental challenges.

• Improve resilience and services to customers.

• Deliver fair investment.

• Support customers and addresses affordability.


To read our customer summary click on the download below and to read our full report go to Business Plan 2025-30 click here.

Your water, your say

To find out more about our plan, join us at our Your water, your say webinar on Thursday 9 November 2023, from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.


You'll have an opportunity to hear how customers and stakeholders have shaped the plan and ask questions about it.