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    Annual Performance Report

    We are delighted that we have further improved the service we provide to our customers in a number of areas.

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    Report a leak

    If you spot a leak in the street, don′t just ignore it - report it! Check our area map before reporting a leak to see if we already know about it!

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    Every Customer Counts

    There are lots of ways in which we can help you save water, save energy and save money. Find out more.

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    High bills

    Find out what causes high bills, and how to lower them.

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    We understand that sometimes life’s challenges mean that some customers may find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Find out more.

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Did you know...That you can switch to paperless billing in your account

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Use full loads in washing machines

Make small changes to your daily routine become water efficient, environmentally friendly and save money.

Save water and money

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Extra support


We have a wide range of services designed for customers who may need extra help.

In Your Area


Check your water quality and see if there is any planned work in your area.

We will show you:

Water quality

Water quality is checked at every stage on its journey to your taps. At the treatment works, it is monitored 24 hours a day.

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