Supplying clean, great-tasting water to your home means we need to make sure our pipes are up to scratch!

We carry out regular checks, cleaning and even replacing pipes in our network to keep the water flowing as it should.


Of course, sometimes, our efforts mean you might notice a temporary change in your supply, whilst we work.

How do we clean the pipes?
We only use the water in the pipes to flush our network.


By using hydrants in a controlled way, we increase the flow of water through the pipes, but not the pressure. This helps dislodge harmless sediment which is then removed.


Our flushing activities are planned to make sure we're being as efficient as possible with the water used.

Does flushing affect the colour of my water?

When we flush, repair or even replace mains pipes, the movement can disturb sediment from the pipes. 


This can make your water look orange, brown or black, and is completely normal. It will normally clear if you run the cold tap in your kitchen. You should run your tap for up to 40 minutes or until clear. Don't use your water-reliant appliances, or your hot water supply, until your cold water runs clear.


You might also notice cloudy, or "white" water, which is caused when the water becomes aerated. It is safe to drink and not harmful to health. If you fill a glass with cloudy water and leave it for a minute or so, the bubbles will disappear.

Does flushing affect my water pressure?

When we carry out works, the pressure to your home may be lower than usual, as we try to work safely.


The pressure will go back to normal once we're finished.

Does flushing affect my water supply?

Your water supply may be interrupted for a short amount of time as we work, but if you're concerned, please call us on 0345 782 0999.

How do I know if you're flushing the pipes near my home?
We'll send you a text to let you know if we're flushing in your area.


This is one of the reasons it's important we have an up-to-date number for you. You can update your mobile number by heading to your profile, 

on your online account.


You can also find out about other work in your area by 

clicking here to check your area.


We'll let you know about any disruption or ongoing works near your postcode.

Mains flushing video

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