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Your bill will use either metered charges, if you have a water meter, or unmetered charges, if you don't have a meter.

Our 2021/22 charges

These charges apply from 1 April 2021. If you want to check our 2020/21 charges, you can download them below.

Our 2021/22 charges for Essex
Metered charges


Fixed charge + Price (pence) per cubic metre
£40.88 + 132.89p


Sewerage (provided by Thames Water)

Fixed charge + Price (pence) per cubic metre
65.18 + 90.51p


Unmetered charges


Fixed charge + Price (pence) per £ of RV
£66.70 + 91.38p


Sewerage (provided by Thames Water)

Fixed charge + Price (pence) per £ of RV
£62.79 +

Brentwood: 59.59p

Havering, Barking, Dagenham, Redbridge 55.69p

Not connected to surface water drainage?

If you think that the rainwater from your property does not drain to the public sewer, you may be able to get a surface water drainage allowance.


If you′re an Anglian Water customer, call their team on 

0345 791 9155.


Thames Water customer? Call the Essex & Suffolk Water team on 0345 782 0111. Please note, we can't backdate claims on the surface water drainage allowance.

Important information about sewerage services and charges

If your sewerage services are provided by Anglian Water, you′ll get a separate bill from them. If your services are provided by Thames Water, we collect charges for them. Thames Water’s sewerage services charges are shown in the tables.

Our 2021/22 charges for Suffolk
Metered customers


Fixed charge + Price (pence) per cubic metre
£40.88 + 132.89p


Unmetered customers

Fixed charge + Price per £ of RV
£66.70 + 91.38p


If you're in our Suffolk supply area, you'll get a bill for your sewerage services from Anglian Water.

What's the difference between metered and unmetered?

Metered means you have a water meter, so you pay for the water you use. It also means you have more control over your bill. Using less water means you pay less!


Unmetered means you don't have a water meter, and your bill is calculated using Rateable Value. We don't set the Rateable Value of your home, so we can't change this for you.

What are Assessed Measured Charges?

Assessed Measured Charges (AMC) are awarded where we can't fit a meter in a property.


Instead, we charge the customer by using the average charge for similar households that do have a water meter.


We take lots of factors into account when assessing the charges, including:

  • the size of the property
  • how many people live in the property, and
  • the reasons we cannot fit the meter.
Where your money goes

We are working hard to make sure you can enjoy great tasting tap water and always have complete trust and confidence in how we spend that money as shown.


Based on the average household bill in 2021/22, water charges will cost 62p per day.


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