From changing your name, to updating your Direct Debit and more, it's easy online.

Use our website to manage your account, whenever, wherever.


You'll be able to sign up to eBilling, change your email address, find bills from way back when and give us meter readings.


Don't have an online account? Why not take five minutes to create one now?

Just so you know, online changes to your name on your bill can take up to 10 working days.
How to:
You can change your name easily online

Log into your online account and head to My Profile. You’ll be able to update your details there.


Click save and your online account will be updated straight away – though you might need to refresh the page to see!

You cannot change your name to add another person to your account. Changing your name on your online account doesn’t automatically change your customer account. If you need to add a new person to your account, you can fill in our form or call us.

Use your profile to keep your contact information up to date

Make sure we can send you information about your account by updating your email address.


To do this, log into your online account and head to My Profile. You can update your details easily there.

The environmentally friendly way to get your bills

Get your bills online with eBilling. We’ll email you to let you know your bill is ready to view on your online account. You’ll be able to get all your bills from the last three years, too.


To switch to eBilling, go to your online account, click My Profile and switch the eBilling button on. You’ll get an email confirming your switch.