First student bill? No need to panic

We know you'll have lots of questions, but they're all covered here. 


First thing you need to do is let us know you've moved into your new digs, you can do this online here.


The most important thing you need to know is that our bills are in advance. So just relax and if you've got any questions after you've moved in, start a live chat with us.


Then it's no bother to set up your online account and your Direct Debit. You can even pick your own payment date. We've also got a 

free mobile app you can download so you can keep track of your account on the go.

Is this my water bill and how long do I need to pay it for?

Yes, unless your tenancy agreement says 'your bills are included' this bill is for you.


There's no need to worry, you'll only pay for the months you're in your student accommodation. We'll give you back anything extra you've paid when you move out.

How many names can be added to the bill?

Got a flatmate? You can both be on the bill and you'll both be responsible for paying it. 


If you need another person added, we can pop them on the account so they can chat to us, but they won't be responsible for making sure it gets paid.

How do I pay my water bill?

The easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit, it's easy to set up in your 

online account


You can, of course, pay your bill any other way you like online with your debit or credit cards, or set up a payment plan.


It's totally up to you when you pay; weekly, monthly or in full when you receive your student finance.

What do I do when I move out?

When you move out, just log into your online account and let us know the date. That's it.  We'll take it from there and make sure any extra money you've paid is refunded to the names on the bill. If there is stil any money due, we'll send your last bill.

What should I do if I'm struggling to pay?

If you're struggling to pay, we're here to help you. There's many ways we can help. Uni is stressful enough without money worries. Just give us a call and we'll sort it together.

What are Priority Services?

Priority Services are free services to help you manage your account easily. They include:

  • bills in Braille or large print
  • language translators
  • water delivery for medical conditions
  • Password scheme to protect your home from scammers


If you think these could help you, sign up here.

How do I know if I'm on a water meter?

Just log into your online account and you'll find out there. We'll even tell you where it is.


If you're on a water meter, you can give us your meter readings in your online account.

How can I save water?

Wasted water is bad for the environment and wastes money. 

  • Dripping tap? A quick fix can save 5,500 litres of water a year.
  • Leaky loo? 200 litres of water wasted everyday. We can fix it for free. Find out how here.
  • Love a long shower? You're using 27% of your water! Keep it short and sing along to your fave four minute track. Plus, you'll save on your energy bills too.

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