Trying to set up your online account, but getting an error message instead?

We know that it's frustrating, so we want to help you.

Use our checklist to find out how to get online!
Your name

First, check the name on your online account and make sure it matches the name on your bill. There's no need to add your title, we only need to match the name for security.

Your address

Very newly built homes or homes with uncommon addresses can sometimes be a little tricky to find on our systems. If your address isn't on the drop down list when you're typing, click "My address isn't listed" where you can pop your address in manually. 


If you have a bill already, make sure your address matches, so we can verify your online account quickly.


Spotted a mistake in your address? Please let us know, so we can fix it for you. You can send a message on WhatsApp or call us on 0345 782 0111.

Sharing access to an online account?

Lots of people like to share access to their online accounts with their better half, but we can't stress enough how important it is to only use your own information to access an account.


If you would like to manage the water bill for your home, you need to be named on the bill first. 


You can then sign up online with your own information, your own email address and your own unique password. Your partner can have their own online account, using their own information, email and password.


This is so important, because it helps keep your information, and your partner's information, safe and secure.


To get your name on the bill for your home, you can either use our PDF form or give us a call on 0345 782 0111.

Trying to manage a business account online?

Did you know, you can manage up to ten accounts with one online account?


To manage a business account online, you'll need to be an authorised person on the account.


Once you're authorised on the business account, you can then create an online account with your own personal information.


To become an authorised person, you'll need to send us a message on WhatsApp or call us on 0345 782 0111.

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