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Is your bill higher than normal?

We understand that receiving a high bill can be a worry.


If your home has a water meter, there are a number of reasons why your bill may be higher than expected We're here to help you get to the bottom of it.

Reasons for a higher bill

From hosepipes, sprinklers and hot tubs to water dependent appliances to taking more baths than showers, the litres can add up quickly.  


The two most common reasons for a higher bill are estimated bills or simply using more water, from:

  • A growing family or guests staying.
  • New water reliant appliances or home improvements.
  • Some medical conditions.
  • Working from home.

Try our water and energy calculator to see how much water you're using and how you can save. You can also order free water saving products.

Dripping taps, leaky loo or leaking pipes

If none of these reasons apply, the most likely cause could be dripping taps or a leaky loo. These are usually quick and easy to fix.


A leaking toilet can waste up to 215 litres a day, that’s £200 a year. Find out how we can help fix your leaky loo


If you’ve ruled out dripping taps and leaking toilets, then you may have a hidden leak. Follow our advice on how to check for leaks in your home.


If you find and fix a leak within 30 days, you may qualify for a leak allowanceYou'll need to provide a meter reading after the repair and another reading two weeks later.

Don't have a water meter? 


If your home doesn't have a water meter, you pay unmetered charges


A water meter could save you money. That's because you pay for the water you use. Try our water usage calculator - it will give you an idea of what your metered bill could be.

How to do a self leak test

Save water, save money