Man standing next to pipes
You've probably heard the phrase "retail competition" quite a lot, but what does it mean?

In 2017, the law changed allowing business customers to shop around for their water retailer.


That means a business customer needs to talk to their chosen retailer about their account and bills, but Essex and Suffolk Water are still the people to talk to if there are any issues with the water supply.


Why does a business customer talk to Essex and Suffolk Water if there's a problem with their services?

Put simply, we still provide the services to the business customer, but we don't manage the account.


Think of it like the gas and electric market.


You're using the same gas and electric no matter who your provider is. Both the gas and electric come from the same supply.


The water in your office tap is still supplied from Essex and Suffolk Water.


Don't worry, business customers will always get the same high quality supply as domestic customers, no matter who their retailer is. 

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