Water Regulations
The Regulations are national requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems, water fittings and water using appliances to prevent contamination of drinking water.

As a water company we have a legal duty to ensure the regulations are followed. Owners and occupiers of premises and anyone who installs or maintains plumbing systems, fittings and water appliances supplied from the public water supply must also comply.



As a result of closure or part closure of buildings drinking water systems may have been subject to stagnation due to low turnover of mains water or water in storage. This could have resulted in warming of water in internal plumbing systems, microbiological regrowth or increased uptake of plumbing metals. Unless steps are taken before the building is reoccupied there is a risk of adverse drinking water quality and potential risks to health.


WATER UK - Recovering drinking water supplies in buildings and networks after prolonged inactivity

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