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The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, or Byelaws in Scotland, require, for most types of work the designer, installer, owner or occupier to obtain the local water supplier’s consent before starting any work.


This means sending to your local water supplier a Notice and other information relating to the proposed work.


Water suppliers are required by the Regulations and Byelaws not to withhold consent unreasonably, and allow consent to be granted subject to conditions, which must be followed.


If consent is not given within the ten working days, then the Regulations and Byelaws deem the water suppliers’ consent to have been granted. This does not alter the obligation upon the, designer, installer and owner or occupier to see that the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, or Byelaws in Scotland, are fully met.

What work needs advanced notification?

It is a legal requirement to give a water supplier advanced notification of the following:


The erection of any new building or structure.


The extension or alteration of the water system in any premises except a domestic dwelling.(1) (2) (3)


The material change in use of any premises.


The installation of:

  • A bidet with an ascending spray or flexible hose; (1) (2) (3)
  • A bath larger than 230 litres (measured to the centre of the overflow);
  • A shower unit of a type specified by the Regulator (Note: there are none currently specified);
  • A pump or booster drawing more than 12 litres per minute;
  • A reverse osmosis unit;
  • A water treatment unit producing a waste water discharge or using water for regeneration or cleaning;
  • A reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve (type BA device), or other mechanical device for protection against backflow in fluid category 4 or 5;
  • A garden watering system unless designed to be a hand-operated one. Any water system laid outside a building and either less than 750 mm or more than 1350 mm below ground level;
  • Construction of an automatically replenished pond or swimming pool of more than 10,000 litres.

Plumbing work to notify to your local water company in advance