Important update

The recent freezing temperatures and bad weather have caused a number of burst pipes and leaks in our networks. Our teams are working hard to fix these as quickly as we can.  


Our teams are following COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep you and our teams safe and well. This means it may take us longer than normal to fix some leaks. 


To make sure we can prioritise the repairs needed, we’re delaying non-essential work including disconnections, external meter installations, private replacement pipe connections and fitting non-urgent stop taps. 


We’re sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your help. 

You've spotted a leak in the street. Now what?

Please check if we know about the leak.


You can do this online through our Community Portal leak map.


If you can't see the leak on the map, chances are we don't know about it. If that's the case, please report it using the Portal leak report form.


Use the online report form to tell us about a leak.


You can also use the Portal to track leaks. If you want to check how our repairs are coming along, or need to know where our team are working, use the map!

Serious leaks

If you've found a serious leak or a leak has stopped your water supply, please call our emergency leakline on 0800 526 337.

Is there a leak in your home?

If you've noticed a leak in your home or on your property, you'll need to contact a reliable plumber.


You can visit to find a reliable, local plumber.

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