Water meters

How does a water meter work?

A water meter is a little device on your water supply. It measures the amount of water going into your home.


You then give us meter readings from the water meter display, or we pop around once a year to take a reading for you. (You can find out how to read your meter here!)


These readings help track your usage, so your water bill is as accurate as possible. 


Another bonus: they're usually free to install. If a cost does crop up, we'll ask you if you want to go ahead with installation first.

How can a meter save money?

There are two main ways they can save you money:

  • you pay for the water you use, rather than the Rateable Value of your home, and
  • you become more aware of your usage, and the less you use, the less you pay.


Water meters put you in control of your water bill.


By challenging yourself to use less water, you're lowering your water bill and conserving our planet's precious fresh water.

Can I change my mind?

Yes. If you choose to get a water meter, you have up to two years to tell us you've changed your mind.


You cannot remove the water meter from the property, but your water bill will switch back to an unmetered one.


If you move out, and someone else moves in, they will be charged based on the meter, and the water they use.

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