Has your cold water supply stopped? We've got advice for you to help get the water flowing again.
First things first, check your stop tap. If you've had a new washing machine installed, for example, it's likely your stop tap was turned off to safely plumb the appliance in. 


Find your stop tap (they're usually under the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom) and make sure it is fully open. 


Make sure you've turned your tap off if you still have no water. This will prevent any flooding, if you've accidentally left a tap turned on somewhere in your home.

If you've checked your stop tap, but you've still got no water.

Ask your neighbours if they have a water supply to their home.


If they don't have water, the supply issue is likely down to an event such as a burst water main or repair work.


If they have water, the supply issue is in your internal pipework. In the cold weather, no water could mean frozen pipes.  Read our winter weather advice on what to do if your pipes freeze or burst.

Where can I get more information about supply issues?

If the supply issue is something we're already aware of or working on, you can get updates from:

Still haven't found any information?


If there's no information about the supply issues, call us on 

0345 782 0999.

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