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Switching to a water meter is easy

A water meter could save you on average £264 a year and reduce the amount of water you use by up to 20%.  It could not only reduce your bill, but also help save water and protect our local environment.


To find out if a water meter is right for you, try our water usage calculator to see if you can save money.

If you'd like independent advice to find out if a water meter is right for you, The Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) has a free water meter calculator, that tells you if you can save money with a meter.




There are many ways can save

  • You'll become more aware of your usage, and the less you use, the less you pay. 
  • You'll also use less energy because 25% of your energy bill comes from heating water. That means you'll save money on your energy bills too.
  • You'll get personalised water saving tips.
There are many reasons to switch

  • You pay for the water you use, rather than the Rateable Value of your home.
  • Get it for free*.
  • Only pay for the water you use. It puts you in control of your water bill. 
  • Receive a six monthly bill instead of a yearly bill. 
  • View your usage in your online account and see how it compares to similar households.
  • They help reduce leakage and predict water demand so we can make sure we always have enough great-tasting water flowing into your home.



*To find out if there could be a charge, read step 3 on applying for a water meter

If your tenancy agreement is for over six months, you can apply for a water meter online. You don't need your landlord's permission.


Try our online usage calculator to see if you could save money with a meter.


If your agreement is for less than six months, you need your landlord's permission to apply. Download our landlord permission form and email it  to - make sure to include your name, address and account number if you know it, so we can sort out your application quickly.

Here's what our customers said after switching:

A Haley 

Our water bill is £18 monthly, we don't skimp on usage although we shower rather than fill the bath. We use a fair amount of water on the garden in summer too. Definitely better with a meter. 


S Coffey 

I’m down to £16 on a meter. Two of us are in the house. Moved to a meter about 8 years ago. Couldn’t recommend it more. The website is very easy to use giving you the information you need. 


M Brown 

I am single and save a huge amount..My bill has halved at the very least...fantastic.

Water meters help the environment too

As customers on a water meter use up to 20% less water, that saving will help keep the water flowing for everyone to enjoy, creatures great or small. Find out more at


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Water meter terms and conditions

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