Abberton Reservoir

Public Access

Public Access

Abberton Reservoir provides a beautiful and tranquil environment perfect for getting closer to nature. Stunning views across the water and surrounding countryside can be enjoyed from a number of permissive and public rights of way.

As part of the Abberton Scheme, we have created an additional 12km of permissive routes around Abberton Reservoir for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, increasing public access to previously inaccessible areas of countryside.

The locations of the new permissive routes were influenced by our land ownership, how the new paths would integrate with the existing public rights of way, and together how they would connect the villages around the reservoir.

The routes provide opportunities to enjoy the stunning landscape and spot the wildlife that makes Abberton Reservoir such a unique and special place. Habitat types include wetland, woodland, grassland and meadow. You may be lucky enough to see Skylark, Bittern, Goldeneye, Common Tern and Brown Hare as well as a host of other bird and mammal species, and insects such as butterflies and damselflies.

Please click here to view and download a map showing the locations of the routes.

There are also a number of trails around the Essex Wildlife Trust reserve. Visitors can enjoy the hides from which to spot the bird life abundant at the site, an adventure playground for children and much more. Please click here to discover more about Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre and reserve, including information about upcoming events and activities.

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