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RWG best practice

We are an active contributor of the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG) that works with stakeholders across the industry and produce market guidance documents. Further information on the RWG can be found on the MOSL site here. Please find details of our compliance position below:


 RWG Good

 Practice Guide

 NWL Alignment  Comments



 Fully aligned  
 Data Logging  Partially aligned

 NWLs current meter   

 replacement policy does not

 support the free issue of a

 new meter for meters that

 are not capable of having a

 logger fitted. NWL will only

 replace a meter when the

 meter performance is in


 Return to Sewer  Fully aligned  



 Fully aligned  
 Planned Events  Fully aligned  
 Unplanned Events  Partially aligned

 Currently our out of hours

 notification policy is via a

 text message and we would

 only make a phone call if an

 action is required of the

 Retailer. We do not believe

 that it is efficient or

 appropriate to always make

 a call if no action is required

 of the Retailer. We feel it is

 appropriate to exercise

 judgement based on the

 circumstances of each event

 Gap Site


 Not applicable

 NWL do not currently offer a

 GAP Site incentive scheme

 Vacant Incentive  Not applicable

 NWL do not currently offer a

 vacancy incentive scheme.

 NWL has its own programme

 of vacancy management,

 utilising site visits and the

 formal vacancy challenge

 process in the market

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