eBilling terms and conditions
  1. Essex and Suffolk Water will inform you by email whenever you activate and/or deactivate this electronic billing service.
  2. By using our electronic billing service, you accept that you will no longer receive paper bills or statements.
  3. Essex and Suffolk Water reserves the right to refuse use of this electronic billing service to anyone for any reason at its absolute discretion.
  4. All bills shall be due and payable on the "date due" of each bill. You shall remain fully responsible and liable to pay any bills regardless of whether or not you can access this service or you for any other reason fail to read the relevant notification.
  5. If you de-activate the Essex and Suffolk Water electronic billing service, historic Essex and Suffolk Water bills (those already delivered) will continue to be available. You shall remain fully responsible for payment in full of any bills for which notification has been sent to you using this service.
  6. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted and/or totally reliable access to this electronic billing service and we make no guarantees whatsoever as to its operation and availability, that it will be free of error or disruption or otherwise. We will however provide notice to you regarding permanent discontinuance of service where the circumstances reasonably allow and if this is the case we will revert to paper billing.
  7. We may prevent you from using the service immediately without notice if you breach any of these terms and conditions.
  8. While we do not levy charges for this service, you are liable for any telephone charges and any charges made by your Internet Services Provider as a result of you using this electronic billing service.
  9. You agree to use the electronic billing service responsibly. You will not use it for any fraudulent or other illegal purpose or to interrupt or damage our services or to make them less efficient.
  10. Essex and Suffolk Water expressly reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions from time to time by posting new terms and conditions on the electronic billing service. Your access to the electronic billing service will be deemed an acceptance of the terms existing at the time.
  11. We believe this agreement is fair. If any part proves not to be legally valid because it is unfair, it will not affect the rest and we are entitled to treat that term as changed in a way that makes it fair and valid.
  12. None of the provisions in these terms and conditions affect your statutory rights as a consumer.