Your development will need a safe water supply.

If a water supply doesn't exist, apply to connect to our network. Where a supply already exists, make sure it is suitable for your development.

New and replacement water connections

If you need a new or replacement water connection, it's easy to apply online


Before you apply, use our budget estimator to get an estimate for your connection. Our step by step guide will explain the process and help you with your application.


water connection diagram

You'll need a new or replacement connection if:

new connection:
  • you′re building a new property and require a permanent water supply
  • you require a temporary building supply
  • you′re converting a property into multiple units with individual supplies
  • you′re installing fire apparatus (sprinkler supply), or
  • you′d like a supply for irrigation purposes (for example: bin stores, landlord or agricultural use).


replacement water connection:
  • there′s a need to replace old lead, galvanised and other metallic pipes
  • a larger sized water connection is needed because of an increase in water usage. The existing water supply is then relocated
  • an existing property has been demolished and new / properties are being constructed
  • a property is on shared supply and requires a separate supply, or
  • a property is divided into multiple properties (with a shared supply).


It’s also helpful to understand some common timescales for connecting.


Our water services also include:
Mains diversions

Maintaining access to our water mains, and protecting them from damage, is a top priority.


If you are building over or near to one of our water mains, or changing the ground level, the main may need to diverted.


The work and cost to divert any of our existing water mains or assets can be discussed with a member of the NDC team by calling 01268 664905 or email

Point of connection

Our point of connection service looks closely at the impact a proposed development could have on our existing water network.


This includes the proposed developments supporting assets, and will also identify or confirm the practicality of the proposed point of connection.


Our service will also highlight if network reinforcement is needed to serve the development.

Standpipes or temporary connections

We can also provide temporary water supplies, to make sure your development can progress. Click here to find out about our standpipes service.

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