Tap running water
Charges for our services to support new development

If you are involved in building new properties you may ask us to carry out work for you to provide new water supplies to your new development.  Here you will find information about our charges for the work we do to help you to get connected to our water networks.  Our charging information is relevant to:

  • large companies constructing many new properties per year
  • small and medium sized building firms
  • individuals building a new property for themselves (self-build); redeveloping an existing property or connecting an existing property for the first time, or
  • companies that provide infrastructure for developers, such as Self Lay Providers (SLP) and New Appointees (NAVs).

Since April 2018 many of our charges have become fixed, enabling developers, SLPs and NAVs to calculate a reasonable estimate of their costs for our services before making an application to connect.